Crafted An Independent Social Channel For Businesses To Optimize Networking & Marketing Efforts


An optimal way of marketing!

Picstagraph is a unique social-media-like platform that allows the company to create photo or video competitions in cooperation with influencers and stars, to which users with creative content apply publicly. The ultimate goal is to seek user perception about the brand and develop channels of influencer marketing. It is an exclusive platform for all social media contests, challenges, and shows; extracts content to create impactful advertisements.


Number of Downloads

Challenges Solutions

  • 01.

    Difficult to share the images because you retain all rights to your images and videos.

    Used the AES algorithm to encrypt the data while sending the request.

  • 02.

    An intuitive UI/UX for engaging user navigation.

    Used the available react native tool to create the UI.

  • 03.

    You only allow Picstagraph and the contest organizer to share your content on other social networks.

    Obfuscated the javascript code along with the ProGuard rules to shrink and obfuscate the native side code.

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