A Fitness - Focused Smartphone App


Your personalized health and fitness manager.

Our team of talented developers built a powerful smartphone app that offers the user greater diversity and flexibility allowing you to select, download and engage in specific training programs based on your training needs and applications, extending to a multitude of health and fitness programs as well. By integrating with Apple Health (HealthKit) google fit you can synchronize your personal data (weight, gender, age) as well as your workout session data (calories burned, heart rate) to and from diPulse app and use it in other compatible apps as well.


Number of Downloads

Challenges Solutions

  • 01.

    Connectivity with multiple Bluetooth devices and sending and receiving commands without delay.

    The Bluetooth peripheral channel was integrated to allow asynchronous operations. The RX pattern was also utilized to transmit numerous commands to the Bluetooth commands without delay.

  • 02.

    Difficulty tracking your heart rate with a single glance. Keep an eye on your health, wherever you go.

    Integration of custom-made cardiac devices and asynchronous Unicode transmission.

  • 03.

    Absence of custom visuals to get a better understanding of the trends in your health data. Get ahead of any potential risks.

    Used Custom made chart library to manage and present health statistics data with custom filters.

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