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Designed for serious traders and investors, the revamped Sharekhan application offers a user-friendly interface and extensive features. With this new streamlined platform, users can quickly initiate trades, track desirable stocks, and manage their trading portfolios all in one place. This carefully and meticulously designed app offers a complete financial ecosystem, simplifying investment monitoring and enabling intelligent decision-making. It provides users with a truly seamless experience for achieving their financial goals.



Challenges Solutions

  • 01.

    Absence of a personalized, intuitive, and dynamic user interface that would enable you to navigate and access any feature effortlessly.

    Created an application tailor-made to fit every user's trading journey, with customizable features and different trading options.

  • 02.

    Lack of complete information about trades and the consequences of investing in each hindered the creation of trust in the brand.

    Engineered a tool that analyzes stocks and indices across all supported markets and extracts profitable opportunities by providing charts, identifying patterns, and predicting prices.

  • 03.

    Difficulty in choosing the best possible stock/trade to invest as users' individual needs were not considered when recommending investment opportunities.

    Designed the InvesTiger application for hassle-free investing through thoughtfully curated stock baskets - created according to diverse investment themes - and incorporated Neo, a goal-based investment tool that helps curate an investment plan according to each user's financial goals.

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