Digital Banking

Scalable And Resilient Mobile Platform For Online Banking


Hassle-free online banking at your fingertips.

Our brilliant developers built a digital solution that enables customers to share their bank account information with third-party providers while keeping their log details private. The mobile application allows third parties to access your data and provide you with services, such as your financial consultant or a product benchmarking tool. It also enables customers to make payments directly from their bank accounts via third-party provider websites or applications, subject to the third-party providers' availability of these services.


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Challenges Solutions

  • 01.

    Presence of traditional methods of retrieving and displaying CXP data that impact performance.

    We made use of localized keys wherever possible to maintain consistency.

  • 02.

    Complex setup for running applications that made operations on the app tedious.

    Setup is greatly simplified with the configuration of the ReadMe file.

  • 03.

    Complexity in understanding the function of the backbase.

    Maintaining backbase features which help banks re-architect banking services around their customers in a timely manner became easy.

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