Revolutionizing Eye Health with Advanced Mobile Testing


Transformative Eye Wellness with Eyeli

Eyeli offers a comprehensive suite of eye tests and exercises, with generated patient reports for a holistic eye health experience. Traditional manual tests, known for their cumbersome nature and imprecise results, are replaced by Eyeli's streamlined and quantifiable assessments. Eyeli not only prioritizes precise eye assessments but also ensures a user-friendly and secure experience, setting a new standard and seamlessly integrating technology to enhance efficiency, precision, and accessibility in the realm of eye health.


Increased Accessibility

Challenges Solutions

  • 01.

    Ensuring a smooth Firebase Real-time Database and Stripe integration for push notifications, real-time data management, and secure transactions.

    Conducted thorough testing, extensively utilized Firebase and Stripe documentation, and leveraged best practices to ensure seamless integration.

  • 02.

    Managing sensitive health data, safeguarding payment information, and preventing data breaches.

    Implemented encryption protocols and complied with relevant data protection regulations to ensure user privacy.

  • 03.

    Achieving consistent performance on both Android and iOS platforms.

    Employed platform-specific optimizations and utilized Flutter's platform-specific APIs when necessary.

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