Transforming Mojarto's Digital Presence


Crafting a Seamless Art Experience

Our team of developers revolutionized Mojarto's online experience with a comprehensive and responsive web and mobile application to elevate Mojarto's accessibility, enhancing the transformative impact of technology on the art industry. Leveraging Flutter's versatility, the application elevates user experience and further solidifies Mojarto's position as the largest and most innovative art platform in the country. The state-of-the-art user interface, coupled with powerful analytics and data capabilities, transforms the art shopping experience and provides unparalleled convenience for artists, art enthusiasts, and resellers.



Challenges Solutions

  • 01.

    Ensuring consistent UI/UX across both mobile and web platforms due to differences in screen sizes and user interaction patterns.

    Implemented responsive design principles and utilized Flutter's layout widgets to adapt UI components dynamically based on screen size and orientation.

  • 02.

    Optimizing Flutter web applications for a smooth user experience due to possible performance issues on certain browsers.

    Optimized the code, utilized code splitting, and incorporated lazy loading for web-specific optimizations.

  • 03.

    Limited libraries and packages available for the relatively new web support for Flutter.

    Modified existing web-specific packages to meet the needs of the web platform.

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