Shravan Care

Creating a Comprehensive Healthcare Companion


Transforming Medical Services with Seamless Digital Solutions

Sharavancare is a revolutionary mobile app offering users a streamlined approach to healthcare. Users can effortlessly book nursing services and pathology tests, order medicines, procure oxygen, and request ambulance services, all from the convenience of their homes. Explore health blogs, reorder services effortlessly, and experience a new era of accessible, user-friendly healthcare. Created with care by our talented developers, Sharavancare stands as a beacon of innovation in healthcare technology.


Increased Healthcare Accessibility

Challenges Solutions

  • 01.

    Ensuring seamless integration between Flutter and Firebase to achieve a responsive and cohesive user interface.

    Utilized official Flutter-Firebase plugins and conducted rigorous testing to identify and resolve integration issues promptly.

  • 02.

    Successfully integrating the Cashfree payment gateway for secure and reliable digital transactions.

    Leveraged Cashfree's official documentation, APIs, and SDKs and conducted thorough testing to identify and resolve issues before deployment.

  • 03.

    Ensuring the security of sensitive user information, especially during transactions and data storage.

    Implemented robust encryption protocols and regularly conducted comprehensive security audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities.

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