Engineered A Robust Telemedicine Mobile Application


Expert medical advice and treatment plans just a click away!

Cura is a service that enables you to consult well-known and distinguished doctors through instant messages, direct video calls, without appointments, and in any specialty. Cura is a direct-to-consumer telemedicine application that allows patients to connect with board-certified, experienced medical providers. It enables users to remotely communicate through audio, video calls, and text conversations. It provides high-quality, 24x7 healthcare, medical insurance, diagnosis, and e-prescriptions in all specialties, with on-demand service or scheduled appointments.


Number of Downloads

Challenges Solutions

  • 01.

    Limited appointments and fixed clinic schedules.

    The application was devised with patient-centric solutions allowing long-distance patient and clinician contact, advice, reminders, monitoring, and remote admissions.

  • 02.

    Difficulty in choosing experienced doctors - lack of credentials clarity while choosing expert doctors.

    Through an electronic prescription system, credible doctors share e-prescriptions and approve medical diagnoses via smartphones.

  • 03.

    Transportation barriers - lack of ease in commuting to clinics.

    This app is specially made for long-distance patients who are unable to move or travel to the clinic. This app gives them the ability to communicate with the doctor of their choice anytime, anywhere.

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